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 So, I just quit sunoco...and it sucks. 
I feel bad, I really like the job. But I'm always sick and was prolly going to get fired for calling out so much as is. 
I'm so fuckin lame, I quit a job, then after I cried. I've never had to quit a job before, I didn't like it. I hope everyone there isn't going to be mad at me. =[ 
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So, last year I was sooo fucking excited to start college, and so upset when I had to drop my classes. This year, I don't know, I'm just feeling like I'm not ready, or that i don't want to go. I mean I want to better my life and be further educated, but i don't know. I don't know how I can afford it, like I'm going to try for financial aid and shit.but if i cant get that, then what? put it off another year, then i know damn right well i wont go back and thats what im afraid of. i'm so scared, i just want to move on with my life but i feel like i wont. i feel like ill be living with my parents and working at makret basket my whole life, ughhh i dunno. i suck and im just doubting myself now... 

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Hey peoples.
I'm happy. I've had a good weekend. Minus working. God damn Market Bucket.
Anyways. Tonight Joshua is being really cute. he's like "I miss you" and "You know every minute I spend with you i cherish..." and we wern't talking about anything i was just rambiling and im like "sorry im not saying anything important..." he's like "its ok I just like hearing your voice" its seriously an AWW type of day.

I love him.


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